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Tear Down the Walls

Co-presented by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Canberra

The year 2019 marks a very special 30th anniversary: The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, following a peaceful revolution in the GDR.

The images of the celebrations in front of Brandenburg gate went around the world and most adults in Germany remember exactly where they were and how they found out the news that the wall had come down.

The division of Germany during the times of the Cold War, the challenges of everyday life on both sides of the wall and the steps towards reunification in 1990 carry powerful memories. It is thus not surprising that the political events from three decades ago have continuously inspired writers and filmmakers to showcase stories from the East and West.

The German Embassy Canberra is proud to co-present three of these films at the German Film Festival in Australia. We hope you will have an enjoyable as well as thought-provoking time at the cinema.

H.E. Dr. Anna Prinz
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Australia

Tear Down the Walls
Adam und Evelyn
Based on the popular novel by Ingo Schultz this is an offbeat love story about a tailor and a waitress set against the backdrop of a disintegrating 1989 East Germany.
Drama / Romance
Tear Down the Walls
With sensibility, affection, and humour, multi-award-winning director Andreas Dresen presents this moving and endearing portrait of the beloved East German folk singer and songwriter Gerhard “Gundi” Gundermann.
Biography / Drama
Tear Down the Walls
Und der Zukunft zugewandt
Alexandra Maria Lara delivers a superb performance as the ex-prisoner of a Russian Soviet labour camp forced to remain silent about her experiences in order to retain her freedom.
Historical Drama