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The Captain

The Captain

Der Hauptmann
A real-life case of an individual being corrupted by the power vested in a uniform.

In a darkly evocative and brutally stark return to German cinema, Hollywood writer-director Robert Schwentke (The Time Traveler's Wife, 2009, RED, 2010) presents the arresting true tale of a wartime impostor which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and won Best Cinematography at the San Sebastián Film Festival in 2017.

In the chaotic final weeks of World War II in Germany, 19-year-old private Willi Herold (a chilling Max Hubacher) joins countless others in risking execution as he deserts his rank. He makes a terrifying escape from his superiors into the bleak and barren moors of the Ems river estuary where halfstarved and nearly frozen to death, he discovers the uniform of a Luftwaffe captain. Donning the outfit as his own, Herold assumes his new role with frightening precision. What follows unveils a shocking political satire that will challenge the audience’s notions of individuality and free will. 

Please note the film screens in German with English subtitles.

2017 | 118 min | Drama, Anti-war, History | Germany, France, Poland, China
Director: Robert Schwentke
Cast: Max Hubacher, Milan Peschel, Alexander Fehling, Frederick Lau, Samuel Finzi
German with English subtitles
Best Sound Design, European Film Awards 2018, Best Cinematography, San Sebastián Film Festival 2017, Best Sound, German Film Awards 2018, Best Actor, Best supporting Actor, Best Editing, Best Special Effects, Best Film, CinEuphoria Awards 2019
Best Film, Best Supporting Actor, Best Film Score, Best Editing, German Film Awards 2018
Opening Night, Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis 2018, World Premiere, Toronto International Film Festival 2017