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Adam & Evelyn

Adam & Evelyn

Adam und Evelyn
A beautifully atmospheric film.

Based on the popular novel by Ingo Schultz which was translated into more than 10 lan- guages, Adam & Evelyn is the offbeat love story of a tailor and a waitress set on the backdrop of a disintegrating East Germany of 1989.

Adam and Evelyn live in a small town in the provinces of East Germany. When Evelyn realises that Adam is cheating on her, she decides to set off on her own summer holiday to Hungary. Adam decides to follow. What follows is a relationship comedy overflowing with gentle humour. However, this is also accompanied by a subtle exploration into what the end of the GDR was supposed to have marked, as when the frontiers of their country finally fall, Adam and Evelyn are faced with a problematic decision of whether to stay in the East or to leave and make a new life in the West.

Please note the film screens in German with English subtitles.

2018 | 95 min | Drama, Romance | Germany
Director: Andreas Goldstein, Jakobine Motz
Cast: Florian Teichtmeister, Anne Kanis, Lena Lauzemis, Milian Zerzawy
German, Hungarian, French with English subtitles
15+ (exemption)
Best Film – International Film Critics Week, Venice Film Festival 2018, Best Film – Focus Switzerland, Germany, Austria Competition, Zurich Film Festival 2018, Audience Award - Der Heinrich, Braunschweig International Film Festival 2018
Viennale – Vienna International Film Festival 2018